Solar panels were sold as a means where buyers would generate a second income over time through the FIT payments, whilst also saving on their energy bills.

Many of the installers exaggerated the financial benefits various customers would gain from installing the system, however it was impossible to verify those projected benefits for example, lots of customers were shown PowerPoint presentations on the sales representative’s laptop. This meant customers were not left with any information to refer back to after the sale had been completed. Some suppliers also gave customers contracts that were missing important information or that had been mis-calculated to exaggerate the benefits. 

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Many of the sales representatives were only paid by commission (in other words, when they sold a system) and sometimes if they failed to sell a system, they simply did not get paid. This put them under lots of pressure to close deals and make sales, sometimes at the homeowners expense, as various homeowners were not advised appropriately. 

How did this happen?

In 2012, the solar panel industry grew exponentially and it was found that many of the installers had minimal experience or knowledge of the products that they were selling. Years later, majority of the installers fell into administration, leaving lots of complaints being made by various customers. Some of the remaining installers still trading have become more precise in selling the system, as they exaggerate the benefits of the system by also including LED bulbs and optimisers as part of the package. 

It has also transpired that these companies did not provide consumers with the necessary paperwork they needed to register their systems for the FIT scheme. We also act for customers where this has been the case and have successfully claimed compensation from the finance company.

Mis-selling Solar Panel Practices

We are helping people who have dealt with the following companies:

    • Genius Energy
    • I-Power Systems Ltd
    • MyPlanet Limited
    • Project Solar


Has Your Panels Not Been Paying For Itself?

Many of the fee earners at SK Lloyds Solicitors have been pursuing claims for compensation for various consumers, as the benefits of the system had been massively exaggerated to them. 

Our solar panel department are successfully recovering money back from finance companies, rightfully owed to people who were victims of mis-selling. Were you misled by the supplier? Were the benefits stated to you exaggerated by the salesman? If so, please do not hesitate to make a claim for compensation. We operate on a on a no win no fee basis and we do not charge you any upfront fees.#

If you believe that your system has been underperforming against the projected benefits quoted to you during the sale and you bought the system on finance within the last 6 years, then please contact us as soon as possible to start your claim. You can even make a claim if the finance has been settled! If it has been more that 6 years please contact us as we can still help. 

Were you told by the supplier that you could be paying more than double what you initially borrowed over the term of the loan, as the repayments can result in the interest payable exceeding the original cash price of the product?

We can help you and ask for the full amount to be paid back !

If you have been a victim of mis-selling, then please do not hesitate to contact us to start your claim. We may be able to recover any payments that you have made plus interest and if the loan is currently outstanding, we may be able to negotiate a complete write off of the loan. 

We work on a No Win No Fee basis and therefore you do not pay us anything and we only take 25% + VAT from compensation and any loan write off recovered.

We will not cold call you or harass you and therefore we want you to feel comfortable in starting your claim. 

In fact we have agreed with some of the finance companies a process to pay compensation due in a matter of weeks of starting your claim. 

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